58 beautiful hues, shades and granites.

All packaged in a desk friendly folder.

Folder 4.jpg

We also have larger samples - 100x100mm and 200x200mm available upon request from your local HI-MACS Specification Representative.

The whites

Diamond White S034

Gemini VW01

Arctic Granite G034

Vanilla Sugar G130

Alpine White S028

Breeze M306 #

Nebula T010

Crystal Beige G101

Arctic White S006

Andromeda T017

NEW Ice Queen W001

Mist M307 #

Candy White G235

Perna White P001

Corona G110

Satin White S001

The neutrals

Tapioca Pearl G050

Venus T011

Sea Oat Quartz G038

Oatmeal G131

Tambora VE01

New Moon T019

Beach Sand G048

Peanut Butter G100

Biege Island G109

Macchiato G111

Walnut G132

Cappuccino G117

Bologna M103 #

Caramel G112

Cinnamon G133

Verona M105 #*

The greys

White Quartz G004

NEWShadow Queen W03

Wholegrain G134

Carina T018

Santa Ana VA01

Basillica M321 #

NEW Grey S005

Platinum Granite G007

Pantheon M322 #*

Grey Crystal G102

Roma M104 #*

Colosseum M323 #*

The darks

Allspice Quartz G063

Pluto T013 *

Kohala VN24 *

Black Pearl G010 *

Taos VB21 *

Perna Black P004 *

Merapi VB01 *

Black S022 *

NEW Star Queen W004

The translucent

Opal S302

Ruby S304

Sapphire S303

Emerald S305

The brights

Banana S026*

Fiery Red S025*


*The raw materials used in HI-MACS® are identical for all colors but there is a higher percentage of natural pigments used in darker tones that need more intensive care. The colors highlighted with an asterisk are therefore more suited to surfaces that will be subjected to less wear and tear and are thus preferably used as contrasts or for inlay work. There may be deviations between the illustrated and actual colors.

#To give the appearance and beauty of a natural marble effect, these colors have a random pattern. This means the joining process is different and needs to be discussed with your fabricator. Must view actual product prior to purchase.